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We Are Your Partners in IT

PartnerConsortio Services provides managed services to your company in order to free-up your time and increase your team's productivity. We worry about your technology infrastructure so you can give your full effort toward your organization’s core competencies. Use our technology experts as an extension of your own staff as you concentrate on making your business successful. When we enter into a partnership, our flat-rate fee structure means you won’t pay more when you really need the help.

We offer recognized experts in the industry on Microsoft technology. From Windows desktops, servers, and networks to complex SQL Server databases we have you covered with the experts who wrote the books. If you have worked with technology consultants before, you may have been left with the feeling that you could have worked with someone who understood your business better. Our flexible model is not your typical consultants for hire. We can do short consulting projects, but we would much rather partner with your company to understand how you use technology. We do this through a long-term partnership and full visibility into your environment through our custom monitoring platform. We will constantly monitor your infrastructure and act on any issues, even before your employees notice a problem.

KeyboardThe insight gained from experience with implementation and delivery of these services in our past positions at Fortune 500 companies allow us to set up a method of technology operations management that allows for better uptime and better troubleshooting similar to the biggest IT houses. We want to bring the edge enjoyed by big business IT to your business. Minimal downtime and a high-level of support are our goals. When you need someone to lean on, we will be quick to respond with the knowledge and understanding of how your business uses its technology.

So, why is the Consortio Services managed service solution the answer for your business? Our flat-fee partnership model means we want to fix your problem as efficiently as possible. When a consultant charges by the hour, you may question their motivation to get your problem solved quickly. When you pay us, it’s the same amount whether you are running smoothly or have a catastrophic failure. Our motivation to keep your systems working well is obvious; if you’re losing money, we're losing money. We want to keep you happy and keep your IT humming along so we are free to assist in other strategic areas of technology to help you grow.

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Consortio Services is a member of the Microsoft Partner Program.